Benefits of roller shutters


Let's go to check what benefits are of the so discussed roller shutters.


Thermal insulation


Only with roller shutter drawn down in night your can insulate the glass and thus save 15-30% of heating costs.


Securing of house


Drawn roller shutters provide your house with security. A reverse brake preventing violent pulling out of roller shutter is part of the drive. At night, when you are out the roller shutters simulate your presence by programmed movement.


Protection from sun and light


At hot summer days just pull down the roller shutters and you are protected from annoying hot weather. The roller shutters will be warmed by sun and cooled outside and thus hot temperatures do not enter inside. Apart from interior sun-blinds when these are also warmed by sun but the produced hot radiates inside. At completely drawn roller shutters a total dark can be formed in the room which some people loving dark for sleeping may appreciate.


Noise insulation


Not only people living near roads with high traffic but also people with noisy neighbours or barking dogs will appreciate the noise insulation. The roller shutters are able to reduce undesirable sounds by 8 - 10dB. A quiet and unbroken sleep is reward for all in the house.


Protection from insects


Are there any annoying insects around your house and do you spend nights fighting them? Thanks to the combination with insect screen integrated in roller box the roller shutters solve also this problem.


Privacy protection


Roller shutters will protect you from curious looks from outside. Once pulled down, no one can see inside even you live on main road in the first floor.


Easy and comfortable control


As majority of the roller shutter producers we also offer not only manual control but also a driven one. With motor control just push the button and you can control any window in your house. You may also set automatic control of roller shutters using a timer programming. Recently number one are motors with integrated receiver for radio control enabling control of any window or group of windows.


Roller shutters for everyone


Roller shutters can be installed in new buildings but also in older ones at exchange of windows or in ready installed windows. So you do not need a new house if you want roller shutters.


A neat accessory to your facade


Nowadays it is possible to order any colour variants of roller shutters and on that ground roller shutters become a neat and practical accessory of your house. With roller shutters your house is simply cool.