Disadvantages of roller shutters


It is difficult to name them because they are very few and tiny.


Prices of roller shutters


The price is certainly the big disadvantage of roller shutters. Purchase of roller shutters is surely a costly matter at the beginning, namely at tight budget of construction of our house. However if you consider the comfort the roller shutters may provide you together with saved energy in the future you will see the roller shutter will finally pay off.




As another disadvantage we can mention the advantage of darkening. During a hot weather you will close the roller shutters and if the room has no windows without roller shutters you will have to switch on the light. Such dark is not suitable for sun loving flowers.


Turning of roller shutters


The fact the roller shutters cannot be turned to sun as it is known from South-European towns with sun-blinds and wooden blinds may be disappointing for some of us.