Roller shutter price


It is difficult to determine uniform price for roller shutter because each roller shutter producer has their own price list and roller shutter are tailored for each client according to their individual needs.


Is the price of roller shutter adequate?


Purchase of roller shutter is not cheap but if you consider  benefits  and saved money for insulation properties of the roller shutter you will see that your initial investment will come back soon. In winter you will save money for heating and in summer for air condition.


What influences prices of roller shutters


Final price of roller shutters is influenced by many factors. Material and its quality are the main factors. Further it also depends if roller shutters are installed in a new or reconstructed building, if you add also insect screen to the roller shutters. Finally also control comfort must be considered - if your roller shutters will be controlled by a handle, straps or electrical drive. Electric motor can be controlled at place of roller shutters or through central connection where it can be interconnected with timers and light sensors.


Price list of roller shutters:


For your information you can check our informative price list of roller shutters.


Price of roller shutter


Informative price of roller shutter - aluminium 100 - 200 EUR / m2
Informative price of roller shutter - aluminium unified size from approx. 65 EUR / m2
Roller shutter plastic from 32 EUR / m2
Lock preventing lifting of roller shutter: approx 6 - 30 EUR / pair according to quality and functionality
Some companies also charge coating approx. +10 - 15% from roller shutter price - eventually 19 - 54 EUR / m2


Prices for controllers of roller shutters


Cord or strip coiler with handle approx. 26 EUR / piece
Electric motors 100 - 260 EUR
Electric motors with integrated receiver 180 - 450 EUR


What can you expect from the price list of roller shutters?


At comparison of various price offers we recommend to check not only the price but also to consider all details of the offer. To focus mainly on quality and thickness of the roller shutters and particular components like gears and motors. And also you should verify if clients are satisfied with the company and how their work looks.